Estate Planning Comparison

Comparing our Wills and Trust services to Legalzoom is like comparing apples and oranges. The name of the documents you get from Legalzoom are the same as the ones you get from our office but the reliability and confidence you can have in them is not comparable because our documents are created and reviewed by experienced attorneys who take the time to make sure everything is the way it should be.

Legalzoom is a software program that generates a document based on whatever goes in without asking follow up questions or wondering about better options based on individual situations.

Miller Law Offices, PLLC Legalzoom
Attorney prepared document Software prepared
FREE initial consultation with attorney No attorney consultation included
Accountability for mistakes Do it yourself, no accountability
All of the following documents are included at no additional cost in our Revocable Trust Packages.
  • Individual, Joint or Joint AB Trusts Available
  • Specific gifts and Children's Sub-trusts
  • Successor and Alternate Successor Trustees
  • Documents for Managing and Funding Your Trust
At Legalzoom you are expected to pay for each item separately.
One hour attorney consultation included for up to one year after preparation of documents. No consultation included with Legalzoom.

Typical Complete Individual Trust Package Cost:
Miller Law Offices, PLLC $0.00 Complete Legalzoom Starting at $835.73
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